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Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade

Microsoft Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade

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Microsoft Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite

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Microsoft Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro

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November 22nd 2005 was a historic day for the gaming community over the world. The Microsoft Xbox 360 was released and cast into gaming history. In nearly every market except for Japan (dominated by its very own Sony consoles) the 360 resulted in sell-outs. A massive 1.5m consoles had been sold by the end of the year. Four years later at the end of 2009, nearly 40m consoles had been sold, making the Xbox 360 the ultimate home gaming console. At Zapper we love the 360, we’ll tell you why.

Packed with a 3.2 GHz triple-core Xenon processor, the 360 was a market leader for processing power. After all, the console needed such processing power given the amazing graphics the console was capable of. Compared to the original Xbox console, the 360’s graphics were miles ahead. It made for an insanely realistic gaming experience and was what made it an instant hit. The console ran ATi Xenos graphics at 500 MHz, which basically means games such as their flagship Halo 3 looked and played amazingly! This was part of what made the Xbox so successful, the exclusivity of much-loved classics like Halo, Forza Motorsport and Gears of War.

Not only was the console itself so easy to spend hours upon hours playing, the Xbox Live network was revolutionary. Xbox Live, coupled with games like Call of Duty, made it so easy to play multiplayer modes online with friends. On top of this, the way the Xbox handled memory made it stand out. The 360 was the first major console to be able to unify RAM across the GPU and CPU, meaning it was much more agile in processing demanding games than its competitor the PS3. While the PS3 was limited at 256MB for graphics and 256MB for processing, the Xbox 360 could adjust according to what the game demanded, making it a real favourite amongst hardcore gamers. It’s just one of the many reasons why we love the Xbox 360 consoles here at Zapper.

If you have an unwanted Xbox 360 collecting dust, sell it to Zapper! We’ll give you an instant cash offer today. With great prices and no hidden costs, we’ve been pleasing customers for a decade. Sell your Xbox 360 with Zapper today, and we’ll give you FREE postage.

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