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Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

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We pay what we offer

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You'll get £19.20

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The release of the iPhone 4S in October 2013 was very different to previous years. Instead of the new iteration of iPhone holding the headlines, the news was filled with the saddening news of Steve Job’s, Apple’s former CEO’s, medical decline. Back in 2004, Steve Jobs announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In August, he resigned as CEO and on October the 5th, the day before the iPhone 4S was announced, he tragically passed away. Although an iPhone release couldn’t change the tragedy of loosing a visionary, it was now more important than ever that the iPhone 4S was the most impressive iPhone to date.

Whilst the 4S fundamentally shared the design of the original iPhone 4, internally, they couldn’t be further apart. As now was becoming a trend, the ‘S’ models of the iPhone were becoming synonymous with more powerful internals and better performance. At the centre of the iPhone 4S’ increase in performance, was the new A5 SoC processor. The A5, originally found in the iPad 2, packed some impressive statistics. At the time, this made the iPhone 4S the most powerful and performance driven iPhone to date. The A5 sported a core Cortex A9 central processing unit with a PowerVR graphics. This, coupled with the optimisation of iOS5 made the 4S an incredibly slick device, capable of handling any app you threw at it.

The iPhone 4S also came with a significantly upgraded camera which was a vast improvement on older models. The 4S came with an 8 megapixel that videoed in glorious HD 1080p. In addition to this, the backlit sensor was improved as well, as the aperture was widened to f.24. This meant that the little 4S could capture larger, sharper images. As if this wasn’t enough, Apple added a 5th piece of glass to the assembly that, once more, increased sharpness. They also added a clever infrared filter that was responsible for brightening colours. The cherry on top, was the image signal processor or ISP within the A5 processor, which took the images taken by the camera and improved the white-balance and stability.

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