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Get an instant price for your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Zapper!

Zapper should be your number one destination if you are looking to sell your Samsung Galaxy S5. We’re a fast (really, really fast) way to get cash in your pocket, we give incredible offers so that pocket will be full of money. We also offer free postage and you’ll never be caught out with any hidden charges or cheap tricks. Moreover, we’re super passionate about we what we do and we know a whole lot about phones, some could say we’re experts. Don’t believe us? Here’s a little bit about the Galaxy S5 to prove it!

Where the Samsung Galaxy S4 excelled, the Galaxy S5 only improved upon, much to the delight of many technology fans around the globe. When it was revealed at the Mobile World Congress, after an orchestral fanfare, JK Shin (Samsung’s then co-CEO) held up a phone that to the standard viewer looked much like the previous model, however inside it was a much different beast.

The Samsung S5 in Shin’s hand was powered by a new quad-core Cortex A15 that was simply bristling with processing potential, to back that up was up to 3GB LPDDR3 RAM (model dependent) and an Adreno 330 GPU. In other words, the S5 could handle pretty much anything that a smartphone could expect, from intensive apps, full HD streaming and the latest mobile games. However, where the Samsung really excelled was its class leading camera. For this phone Samsung ditched the Sony sensor from the S4 and utilised and developed their own, which had the advanced feature of shooting 4K video at 30 fps, pretty amazing at the time, right? Especially since most other manufacturers were still middling around with 1080p video and trying to achieve 60 fps. But you know that, you own it!

All of this is exactly why we offer such a great price for your phone, we know how great it is. So to get that money into your pocket as soon as possible enter the exact model of your phone into our website, check the condition and enter that too and then within seconds you should have a great offer on your unwanted Samsung Galaxy S5.