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Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

Apple iPhone 4S 64gb

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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

Apple iPhone 4S 16gb

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Apple iPhone 4S 32GB

Apple iPhone 4S 32gb

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Apple iPhone 4S 8GB

Apple iPhone 4S 8gb

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Apple’s iPhone 4S was the fifth iPhone released by Apple Inc, it continued the design by the best at Cupertino, California and was the only truly premium smartphone offering of the time. We will buy your old phone today. The iPhone 4S was the last thing released under the direction of Steve Jobs. He watched the iPhone 4S press conference from his home the day before he died. The fact that he helped with it even in his condition is a testament to the genius of the man and his magic touch shows in how great the 4S still is. The iPhone 4S. It followed Steve Jobs philosophy of minimalistic improvement, it kept the great aspects of the 4 and added upon them. It kept the same screen, RAM, size and all other great things about the 4S.

However, it added the brand-new Apple A5 chip, the first dual-core offering from Apple. It was designed to keep up with the latest in 3D mobile gaming, a genre which was up and coming at the time. The glass and brushed aluminium body looks sharp and sleek but feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. It’s a marvel of smartphone design. The screen is a 640 x 960-pixel retina display with crystal sharp colour accuracy. It’s a wonderful thing to look at, like most displays from Apple’s products. The 4S also sported updated 3G and LTE cellular capabilities, estimated to be twice as quick as the previous phone. In the smartphone genre, the Apple iPhone 4S was a hallmark. It was at least a year ahead of the competition in terms of genuine capabilities and its usability. It’s this remarkable future proofing is why we want to buy you iPhone 4S. If you sell Zapper your Apple iPhone today, we’ll give you free postage. We also don’t do any cheap tricks and have no hidden charges.

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