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Get an instant price for your iPod Classic with Zapper!

The first generation iPod Classic debuted in 2001 with the slogan “1000 songs in your pocket”. Since then, Apple and the world have never looked back. The iPod Classic was so popular that there were a whole six generations of the model, with various options and revisions within each generation. At Zapper we think the iPod Classic is exactly what its name suggests – a classic! There are many reasons why, but here’s why we love the Classic.

The Classic is renowned for its simplicity – no thrills no spills. The model satisfied music fanatics by giving them simple designs, easy-to-navigate interfaces, and importantly loads of storage. Consumers could quite literally store their entire music library in their pocket. The 1st generation model had 5GB of memory, with a mechanical scroll wheel and four auxiliary buttons around the wheel. The 2nd generation was similar in look and function, but with upgraded memory of 10-20GB.

For an extra $50, this generation of Classics allowed users to pay for Madonna or Tony Hawk’s signature engraved on the back – crazy.

It was the 3rd and 4th generation that really sprung the iPod into mainstream markets, partly owed to a sleeker design and much larger storage (up to 40GB!). The control wheel was now flat on the surface rather than elevated, and in the 4th generation the Classic took inspiration from the Mini by integrating the buttons into the wheel. Talk about reinventing the wheel! The 5th and 6th generation Classics were the ultimate multi-media devices, capable of playing HD movies, TV shows and music videos. Impressively the 6th generation iPod Classic has a 2.5 inch backlit display with a huge storage capacity of 160GB. It is this world-beating spec why the Classic was so loved, and is still revered as the archetypal MP3 player.

Zapper wants your old iPod Classic. We are a trusted buyer and offer great prices. On top, we’ll give you FREE postage. Don’t wait, sell to Zapper today!