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Please note: Mobiles and Electronics cannot be mixed with Books, CDs, DVDs, Games, Giftcards and LEGO® in the same trade. If you have a combination of Mobiles or Electronics with other items to sell you will need to create two consecutive trades.

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Sell PS2 Games

Selling your PS2 games with Zapper

At Zapper, we offer a quick and easy service for you to sell your old PS2 games. Think of it as a win win - clear some space about the house and get some cash. If you make the decision to sell PS2 games to us we’ll also throw in FREE shipping.

The Sony PlayStation 2 is undoubtedly one of the most iconic games consoles ever. Released in 2001, people enjoyed the wonders of PS2 for over a decade. In fact, game titles were released for the PS2 right up until 2013. 13 years of fun. Over 150 million PS2 consoles have been sold since its launch, making it the most successful console of all time. However now nearly two decades after release, it might be time to start thinking of shifting the mountain sized pile of PS2 games you’ve accumulated over the years.

From 2000-2013, a whopping 1.52 billion PS2 games were sold. Amongst these games, included many classic titles. One of Zapper’s favourites has to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Heavily inspired by the 90s ‘gangsta rap’ movement led by figures such as Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, the game was a joy to play. Released by Rockstar Games in 2004, the game was voted the greatest PS2 game of all time by multiple different media sources. Its story, iconic soundtrack and of course the action-packed gameplay, made it worthy of such a title. As of 2011, 27.5 million copies of this epic title had been sold.

How much are PS2 games worth

Getting a value for your unwanted PS2 games is as simple as putting the barcode into our valuation engine, or downloading our handy barcode scanning app. If your old PS2 games are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, sell them to Zapper and make some money for the newer releases! We give great prices and even better service. Receive an instant offer now and get postage FREE of charge. There’s no hidden costs and we always pay what we offer. That’s why we’ve been the best at what we do for over 10 years.

Selling PS2 games with Zapper is simple. When you decide you want to trade with us, we’ll email you your postage-free delivery labels. Pack up and drop off your old games at your local Collect Plus point. On receiving your parcel, we’ll process your items to make sure everything is in order. Immediately after this, we’ll put through your payment. Zapper doesn’t want you waiting around for your money!

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