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how-it-works-header STEP 1. VALUE YOUR ITEMS

Zapper is the best place to sell your unwanted stuff. We offer a hassle free way of decluttering, whilst earning cash and doing your bit for the environment. Send us your stuff for free and we pay you in return - it's really that simple. Get an instant price for your CDS, DVDS, BOOKS, GAMES, PHONES & ELECTRONICS.

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Enter a barcode or device details

To get an instant price, just enter the barcode number or device details and search. You'll get a guaranteed offer in seconds.

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Multiple items? use our handy app.

Speed things up with our super-fast barcode scan tool. Just aim and scan for an instant valuation.

No items turned away...

Instead of rejecting unwanted items, Zapper gives you the option to recycle them. These items will be redistributed to charities or repurposed as something new so nothing goes to waste. Just box them up with your other items and we'll take care of the rest.

You can declutter whilst helping the environment. Watch our video to see what we do with your stuff...

go green

For a green future

With Zapper, you can send everything in one go without the hassle of sorting and separating. You'll get money for anything we can resell, then whatever's left will be recycled. For example, your old books might be reused as eco-friendly packing material. At Zapper we hate to see stuff go to landfill.

Don't consign your stuff to the tip; send it to us and we can give it a fresh start.

choose-payment-icons STEP 2. CHOOSE PAYMENT


Select how you would like to be paid

We can pay you via bank transfer or PayPal so the choice is yours.

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box heading STEP 3. PACK

Packaging guidelines

(books, CD's, DVD's and games)

Once you've completed your trade online, you'll receive a confirmation email with your CollectPlus labels attached. Each label is unique to every box in your trade, so attaching the correct labels is important.

Please note that the maximum box size is 60cm x 50cm x 50cm and the maximum weight per box is 10kg. Any boxes exceeding these weight or size limits may be rejected at the drop-off point. We accept no more than three boxes per trade.

If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us. packaging

Sending mobile phones or electronics?

We will post a Zapper Sales Pack to you with all the materials you need to send us your electronic device(s) for free.

In case you can't wait, we will also attach a Royal Mail label to your order confirmation email so that you can send us your items straight away and get your money sooner.

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Take your boxes to any one of over 7,000 local shops that provide the CollectPlus drop-off service. You can use our find drop-off point tool to locate your nearest affiliated shop. When dropping off your boxes, it's important to keep the receipt you're given - this allows you to track your items online and acts as proof of postage.

If you're sending us mobile phones or electronics, simply drop off your items at your nearest Post Office.

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    • Media Items

  • Royal Mail

    • Mobile Phones & Electronics

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Get your fast payment

However you have chosen to be paid you can be rest-assured that you will receive a super fast payment as soon as we receive your items.

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