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Apple iPhone 5S 32GB

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We pay what we offer

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You'll get £60.00

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The iPhone 5S was one, if not the most technically advanced and forward-thinking smartphones of its time. Although the display and size of the 5S were the same as the 5, internally the 5S really performed. It featured the extremely powerful and efficient Apple A7 processor, which was the first 64-bit processor on the smartphone market. The 5S was extremely popular upon release and shattered previous records of weekend sales. The 5S and 5C sold over nine million units within the first weekend. This meant that, after the first day of release, 1% of all iPhone users had an iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S therefore, was a triumphant success for Apple. Yet, it wasn’t just It’s powerful processor which gave rise to its popularity. The 5S came equipped with innovative and useful features that have become synonymous with iPhones today.

One such innovation was the revamped home button. Where the old home button once sat, a ‘Touch ID Fingerprint Identity Sensor’ now was fitted. Fundamentally, this was Apples brand new fingerprint scanner and, at the time, felt like Star-Trek technology. This was the first iPhone that allowed harnessed biometric authentication. Now, instead of typing in a passcode or iCloud details, you could scan your thumb. This made it quick and easy to unlock your phone, in addition to making transactions on iTunes and the App Store hassle free. The Touch ID works by taking a high-resolution photograph of your fingerprint, which is then converted to mathematical hash and sent to the processor. As well as this being a useful day to day feature, the Touch ID was and still is, fundamentally a security feature. It verifies or rejects the users finger print, depending on whether it’s the owner of the iPhone, a would be criminal, or a nosey friend.

As you would’ve expected the design of the iPhone 5S is very similar to that of the iPhone 5. It comes with a 4-inch LCD multi-touch sharp Retina display. The screen packs 325 pixels per inch and 640 x 1136 resolution; it’s safe to say you weren’t looking at a blurry screen. As said previously, the old home button had been scrapped in favour of the new Touch ID. This has a flat design and was circled by a shiny metallic ring, which was in keeping with the futuristic nature of the technology. The phone was 7.6mm thin, weighed 112grams and had a very swish, and surprisingly sturdy, aluminium composite frame.

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