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Apple iPhone 6S 32GB

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You'll get £150.00

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Announced on the 9th and released on the 25th September, the iPhone 6S was perhaps the most anticipated phone release of 2015. As ever with Apple's 'S' iPhones, the question consumers had was 'how much better is it than the regular iPhone 6?' Apple of course had a slogan to answer those queries. The infamous slogan following the phone's announcement was "the only thing that's changed is everything" - genius right? Well, let's see if Apple were being somewhat truthful.

The phone stayed the same size as the iPhone 6 at 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 inches. While there were no cosmetic changes to the phone, there was a big difference in the chassis. As there were widespread reports of the iPhone 6 bending (yes, actually bending), Apple deemed it necessary to manufacture the 6S with a stronger form of aluminium. As well upgrading the phone's chassis, Apple made sure to improve the processing capabilities of the phone. Reports said that the A9 processor was around 70% faster than the A8 that came with the iPhone 6 models. So, the 6S was no longer bendy AND it ran a lot faster - good start.

The camera is more or less the same as the iPhone 6's. However, the 6S packs a new camera feature - Live Photos. This essentially takes a 1.5 second video spanning before and after a user takes a photo. Using the 3D Touch technology, users just press down harder when viewing photos to initiate the 'Live Photo' clip. Apple realised that there is only so much that can be done to increase photo quality, so the Live Photo feature is appreciated as it really captures a moment. To all 'selfie' lovers out there, the 6S also came with an improved front-facing camera, at a decent 5 megapixels. Apple also managed to add a 'flash' feature to the front camera, although it's no LED light built in, it's just an increase of brightness x3 and a sensory adjustment to improve lighting.

The iPhone 6S 32GB was the middle ground memory option, and is certainly suitable for most users. 32GB can hold plenty of media. Ultimately the phone is a great all-round performer, from the 3D Touch, to the Live Photos and of course the sizeable memory capacity. If you have an unused iPhone 6S 32GB, receive an instant cash offer today and you'll receive FREE postage. We offer great prices and it's such an easy process. So, sell to Zapper today!