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Get an instant price for your iPad 3 with Zapper!

When Tim Cook stood on stage at the Apple Special event in 2005 he asked a question of the Audience “Who will bring out a product that is better than the iPad 2?” it left us wondering. That was before he answered his own question with “Apple”. And as such he released the Apple iPad 3 to the world.

The presentation started with the announcement that this iPad would be the first to have Apple’s signature Retina display. It featured a 2048 x 1536 resolution, an absolutely astonishing number that we at Zapper can’t wait to see when we buy your iPad. To power this sort of screen real estate, the iPad 2 needed lots of power. It packed a brand-new Apple A5X chip which had a dedicated quad core GPU for all graphically intensive applications, including mobile gaming, photo editing and high-definition image rendering.

Against the rival Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile GPU, the Apple performed 4 times faster.

The iPad 3 also had a 5 megapixel rear facing camera with a 5 element lens that was capable of stunning photos. Not only that but the same camera was capable of full HD 1080p video recording with automatic image stabilisation. Truly a camera worthy of the iSight name.

It was the first iPad to have voice recognition and voice to text capabilities- the forerunner to the Siri application. This allowed direct speech to be turned into paragraphs of writing with complete ease.

Now all of this stuff requires a lot of connectivity, that’s why the iPad 3rd generation had the fastest of any Apple device at the time. Full DC-HSDPA and the first to feature 4G LTE capability allowed seamless streaming of YouTube and Netflix.

Despite all these features, it didn’t skimp out on its battery life at all. It boasted 10 hours of usable battery life from a 11560 mAh battery the biggest of any Apple product.

All in all, its an incredible device that we’d love to take off your hands. We’ll even offer you cash for your Apple iPad 3. So stop thinking about it and sell your iPad 3 today and get free postage and quick cash!