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Sell your mobile phone for cash in 3 simple steps? Have you been dreaming of ways to make money on the pile of old mobile phones that have been sitting in your bedside drawer or living room table? Zapper could be able to help. We'll buy your old and unwanted mobile phones for competitive prices - so that you can make some extra cash on the devices you don't need. Simply type the details of your device into our valuation system for a quick quote today.

Mobile phones as we know them today have come a long way since Martin Cooper - a researcher and executive for Motorola, made the first mobile phone call from a handheld piece of equipment. Back then, in 1973, the mobile phone he used weight around 1.1 kg, and was 13 cm deep, 23 cm long, and 4.45 cm wide. Today's impressive mobile devices are brimming with incredible technology that we couldn't have dreamed of only decades ago. Now, most mobile phones come with everything from front-facing cameras, to web browsing facilities, and even graphics cards that let us play our favourite games. What's more, new innovations are emerging every day - making old, bulky phones a thing of the past.

With new models appearing on the market almost constantly, there's nothing wrong with looking for an affordable solution to upgrade your old device. Don't leave your old, unwanted phones to sit at home, gathering dust - use Zapper to trade them in for cash!

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