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Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB

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You'll get £190.00
We pay what we offer

No charger, accessories or the original box – not a problem! Just make sure your item meets the following requirements and we’ll pay what we promise:

  • In full working order, turns on and off
  • All buttons working
  • Battery included and fully charged
  • Screen not scratched or damaged
  • Minor cosmetic wear
  • Not water damaged
  • Not reported lost or stolen
  • Not locked to a Network
  • Not locked to iCloud (Apple products only)
  • Please do not send any boxes, chargers, cases or other accessories - any received will be disposed of and cannot be returned or replaced

You'll get £190.00

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Get an instant price for your Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB

What would you do with an over £100 of cash that you get from recycling your old Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB? Treat yourself to that pair of trainers you’ve had your eye on for months, treat a loved one to dinner or perhaps put it towards a sunny holiday to escape the dreary English weather. Your options are endless with Zapper. Simply go onto our website, get a quote and send your Samsung Galaxy to the address we provide. With no hidden costs you’ll raking in the cash in days!

The Samsung Galaxy S series was a line of high-end Android powered phones, the S7 series consisted of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung used these phones to improve upon the Galaxy S6. Samsung improved the display, the camera, the battery life and even introduced a water resistance feature with this model. Scientific analysis showed performance improvements, the screen was 24% brighter with improved contrast ratio and a 440x2560 screen resolution. This phone had one of the best displays on any smartphone, with crisp and clear colours, easy outdoor visibility and good auto brightness.

Every year, we all hope and pray that we get given a phone with supersonic battery power lasting us all week-long. Did Samsung manage this? To a degree, yes. Whilst Samsung S7 won’t last an entire week, the battery performance was a massive step up from previous iterations. Samsung cranked things up from the measly 2550mAh offering in the Galaxy S6 to a far more agreeable 3000mAh power pack In the S7. Charging times were also given a super-fast boost, after just 15 minutes the phone had already refueled to 25% and around 30 minutes was all it took to reach the 50% mark. This makes for an energy-efficient, useful and super swish phone. Samsung really did excel with this model, they took the best bits from the Galaxy S6 and S5 and blended them together with a comfortable, dynamite design to produce a brilliant smartphone.

Looking to trade in your Galaxy S7 for a newer model? Then why not let Zapper help you out by recycling your old device in exchange for quick cash. Enter the exact model and condition of your Galaxy S7 into our website and within seconds you’ll have a great offer on your unwanted Samsung Galaxy S7 64GB.