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Apple iPad Mini 32GB with Wi-Fi

Apple Ipad Mini With Wi Fi

Up to £81.20
Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Display 32GB with Wi-Fi

Apple Ipad Mini 2 Retina Display With Wi Fi

Up to £130.00
Apple iPad Mini 16GB with Wi-Fi + 3G

Apple Ipad Mini With Wi Fi 3g

Up to £81.20
Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Display 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple Ipad Mini 2 Retina Display With Wi Fi 4g

Up to £160.00

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The iPad Mini was first released in November 2012. Upon release Apple described this iPad as a concentrated version of the other iPad models. This meant it still had all the excellent features of the other iPads but came in a smaller package. Since then, Apple have released 3 other iterations of iPad mini spanning to the current generation. Essentially, the iPad Mini had the same specification as the iPad 2, including having the same screen resolution. However, this meant the first generation did not come with Retina display. Yet, in November of 2013 this was rectified when the iPad mini 2 was released with an updated processor and Retina display.

The third generation of iPad Mini was released on October 22, 2014. This iteration was internally similar to the Mini 2 but added the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in replacement of the conventional home button. The Touch ID system also made the Mini 2 fully compatible with Apple Pay. The most recent generation, the iPad Mini 4, came pre-installed with IOS9. This new updated software focused heavily on improving the battery life of the often, ‘battery hungry’ retina device. Inbuilt apps and core technologies were better optimised to fulfil this, as well a ‘Low Power’ mode being added which could be activated in the settings. This minimised background activities, reduced notifications, mail fetching and dramatically reduced the CPU output. This was a very handy feature for those emergency situations when you need every percent of battery power is crucial.

The iPad Mini 4 was the first major redesign in the iPad Mini series. It featured a taller and wider body although, with no increase in actual screen size. Due to this re-design, the new iPad mini was no longer compatible with cases that worked with the iPad Mini 2 and 3. Apple knew this only to well and released the Smart Cover and Silicone case which could be used separately or together to provide a fully protective case. The iPad Mini 4 reception was extremely positive. The Mini 4 received a 9/10 review from The Verge, commenting on its excellent display, performance, camera, and multitasking abilities.

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