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Get an instant price for your iPhone with Zapper!

It’s hard to imagine a time where there weren’t iPhones isn’t it? It seems like they’ve been around forever. It turns out that isn’t the case. As illustrious as they are the iPhone was only introduced to the world in 2007.

The iPhones beginnings came after the success of Apple’s move into handheld devices. The iPod directly challenged the Walkman and won convincingly. The capacity of its storage allowed for thousands of hours of audio playback, far more than any Walkman of the time. Before that was the Newton MessagePad, a popular PDA created by Steve Jobs. The amalgamation of the two is what led Jobs to think about creating an Apple phone. Especially since he believed that current PDA devices did not do a good enough job for the mass market and were far too expensive.

The original iPhone was the first phone to truly get the smartphone formula right: responsive multi-touch screen, rear facing 5 MegaPixel camera, fully integrated music and video playback and EDGE connectivity that allowed comfortable browsing of the internet. It was wildly popular, despite its high selling price of nearly £500. Apple had a winner on their hands and upon the day of release on June 29, 2007, there were thousands of people queued up outside Apple Stores. Within an hour of release Apple had sold out of its phone completely, and one year later had sold 6.1 million iPhones.

Some reviewers praised the iPhone for being the first phone to get smartphone design correct. Previous offerings tended to be flashy and cumbersome designs with too much going on. Instead, with the iPhone, Apple offered up the first of their sleek unibody designs. It was a device you could take anywhere, even the office. Which is a good reason why we at Zapper want to give you cash for them, they’re still super cool.

It’s a quick little thing as well, Apple debuted their OSX platform in the original iPhone. The use of a dedicated operating system that was built onto the phone rather than the other way around is that the 412MHz Samsung ARM 11* processor deals with tasks with relative ease. Apple weren’t going to miss an opportunity to incorporate the iTunes software into their phones, and they did as they desired. To hold all of this music the iPhone had up to 16GB of flash storage. Which is still enough for today’s standards!

So, come on now and sell us your old iPhone for cash today. We offer free shipping and no hidden charges or cheap tricks. We’re really excited to get our hands on your old phone.

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