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Get an instant price for your Nokia with Zapper!

The word Nokia is synonymous with the mobile phone, it’s hard to think of anything except the Nokia 3310 when you say Nokia. So, it’d be even harder to imagine that Nokia got its start in Finland and thus, the world, from producing a myriad of products. This included: paper, rubber, tyres, metal cable, boots and eventually, in 1960, electronics. It’s from this experience producing radio telephones for the army and emergency services that put Nokia in good stead to become the most prolific mobile phone company of all time.

From that point Nokia broke boundaries, and in 1981 it became a leader in the development of cellular networks. It created NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) service, the world’s first international cellular network and the first to allow roaming between countries on the same network.

Nokia then produced a plethora of city-car phones under its sister company Mobira. It continued to do this until it finally produced the Mobira Cityman, the first handheld phone for NMT networks.

As a result of the Cityman’s success Nokia carried on producing mobile phones right through to its first huge success the Nokia 1610. It was the first phone in the world to sell more than 100 million units and this boosted Nokia into the stratosphere. It became a trailblazer in the industry and its unrivalled dominance continued with more than one story of a bestselling phone.

It was the Nokia 1100 that broke all records, even more than the legendarily indestructible Nokia 3310, this non-descript and generally unloved phone found its success due to unrelenting durability and a cost that allowed it to be sold in any market all over the world. All in all it sold more than 250 million handsets, the bestselling phone of all time.

It’s this bestselling capability that makes Nokia such a good money maker for you, with Zapper you can sell us your old Nokia phone and because everyone has one somewhere it’s about as easy as can be to get some quick cash.

However, despite all of this success, Nokia found it hard to cope among the newly emerging smartphone of the late 2000s and it almost went out of business, that was right until they turned around and got bought by Microsoft in 2013. This gave them a new lease of life and more importantly a massive R&D budget. Nokia finally caught up and re-emerged, it began selling smartphones to developed markets and revamped its basic offerings for emerging markets.

So, the chances are that there’s cash in the form of a Nokia lying around your home, or maybe you have one of their smartphones and want to upgrade. Either way, Zapper is the right place to be, we can turn those hunks of silicone and plastic into cash. We also do it for free, no shipping fees, no hidden costs, charges or cheap tricks.