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The PlayStation Portable (or PSP for short) became a favourite amongst gamers far and wide. With the Nintendo DS releasing in 2004, the 2005 PSP release somewhat stole Nintendo’s thunder. Here at Zapper we know exactly why – the PSP compacted everything great about Sony’s consoles into a small handheld device!

Part of the seventh generation of video games, the PSP was the first real competitor to Nintendo’s dominance in the handheld market. With models such as the GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS, Sony knew their product would have to be ground-breaking. The GPU allowed for amazing graphics on a sizeable 4.3 inch screen. It allowed millions of PlayStation fans to play their favourite games, such as FIFA and Medal of Honour, on the go! If this wasn’t enough, the PSP technology allowed for connectivity to other PSPs, the PlayStation 3 and the Internet.

The PlayStation Portable was the first handheld console to use the Universal Media Disc (UMD), an optical disc format, as its primary storage medium. Sony has released several different PSP models, each keeping to the same popular design theme and formatting. No matter which console – the PSP-1000, the PSPgo or the PSP-3000 – here at Zapper we’ll buy them all. Not only are the PSPs great for gaming, they are well placed as fantastic multimedia devices. With an ability to store photos, watch movies and listen to music the PSPs are great for travel. Ranging from a light 158 grams to 280 grams, the PSP packed many features such as Built in Stereo Speakers and a Built in Microphone. Despite only 17cm wide and 2.3cm deep, the PSPs had decent memory space. Even the earliest PSP-1000 had a Memory Stick PRO Duo Expansion Slot for extra memory.

Here at Zapper we love the PlayStation Portable models. If you have any unwanted PSPs collecting dust, get an instant cash offer today. We give great prices for a great services, and what’s more we offer FREE postage. Why wait? Sell today.

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