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Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6

Up to £131.00
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Up to £153.00
Samsung Galaxy Music S6010

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Music S6010

Up to £5.40
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Up to £142.10
Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810

Up to £1.00
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500

Up to £3.00
Samsung Galaxy Young S6310

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Young S6310

Up to £1.00
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Up to £16.00

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Get an instant price for your Samsung Galaxy S6 with Zapper!

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got an old Samsung Galaxy S6 you want to sell. Yes? Well good, you’re in the right place! Selling your Galaxy S6 with Zapper is about as good as it gets. We offer excellent prices for your old phone that will get cash to you quickly and without any hassle or hidden charges. Also, we offer free postage for everyone that wants to send a phone to us. So, need some quick cash? Sell us your old phone today.

To prove that you’re in good hands when you do sell to us, let us tell you just a small gem of what we know about your device. If the words: octa-core, 1440p, 577ppi or 16MP mean anything to you then I’m sure one word will come to mind: unbelievable. For a phone released on 10th April 2015 to have better specifications (on paper) than most modern computers is something that boggles the mind. That eight-core processor makes the user interface as snappy as the CPUs Snapdragon namesake. This means that when it comes time to binge watch the latest episodes of Silicon Valley, on that utterly gorgeous 5.1” display, in 2160*1440p and 60fps it can do it like a charm. That’s not to mention the ability to take beautiful photographs with a 16 Megapixel Sony Exmor RS sensor. The F1.9 camera aperture also means that when you snap a photo it’ll come out with an ultra-sharp focus directly on what you want it and a nice defocused effect on the less desirable parts of your photo, it also allows for more light to hit that snazzy Exmor sensor- resulting in brilliantly bright photos with plenty of colour. All in all, it’s a great phone which is why we at Zapper want to pay you so well for it.

So, come on now! Stop thinking “Where do I sell my Galaxy S6?” and go ahead. Sell it to us at Zapper and we’ll take care of you with an outstanding offer, an easy to use service and more knowledge about your Samsung Galaxy S6 than you can shake a stick at.

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