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Apple iPad Air 2 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + 4G

Up to £194.50
Apple iPad Air 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi + 4G

Up to £167.59
Apple iPad 4 16GB with Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 4 with Wi-Fi

Up to £135.10
Apple iPad 3 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple iPad 3 with Wi-Fi + 4G

Up to £95.20
Apple iPad 4 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple iPad 4 with Wi-Fi + 4G

Up to £135.10
Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Display 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G

Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Display with Wi-Fi + 4G

Up to £160.00

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Sell iPad 4

Trade in your iPad 4 with Zapper

At Zapper, we’re here to help you clear unwanted tech, as well as make you some cash! It’s hard to deny the incredible deals we offer on some of your newer tech, such as the iPad 4. Whether your iPad is used, faulty or broken, we’ll make you an offer that we’re sure you won’t turn your nose up at! At Zapper, we like to keep things simple, so don’t worry about any complicated transactions or hidden costs cutting in your cash! Remember, at Zapper we guarantee to pay what we offer; full stop.

The Apple iPad 4 was the 4th generation iPad designed by the people at Cupertino. Only 6 months after Apple released the iPad 3, Phil Schiller stood on stage once again and introduced another outstanding iPad. The iPad 4 was a leap forward for the Apple ecosystem. The keynote feature was the updated chip: the A6X, it was twice as powerful as the A5X and four times as powerful as the Nvidia Tegra 3 GPU. The new chip hosted a dedicated Image Signal Processor for tasks such as facial recognition and image stabilisation. All of this was possible on an even more efficient battery that allowed for 10 hours of battery life with a capacity of 11560 mAh. All in all, Zapper was very impressed.

How much is an iPad 4 worth

Our website takes the hassle out of recycling your old electronics. Why not sell iPad 4 models with Zapper? You might be surprised just how much cash you’ll receive! If we tickled your curiosity then use our valuation engine for an instant quote. Remember, trading with Zapper won’t cost you a penny, we offer completely FREE shipping on every order.

At Zapper, we keep up to date with the times, hence why we offer three different payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer or good old-fashioned cheque. After you’ve selected your preferred payment methods on the Zapper site, we’ll send you our sales pack. After receiving this, all you need to do is take your securely packed and unwanted iPad 4 down to your local Post Office.

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