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Apple iPhone 6 128GB

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You'll get £141.00

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On September 19th 2014, the iPhone 6 was released as the flagship successor to the iPhone 5S. By this stage, Apple had become accustomed to new iPhone models smashing sales records. However, with a slight a dip in market share, due to competitors such as Samsung creating smartphones with larger displays, it was important that the iPhone 6 performed. Fortunately, it did. Once again, Apple’s sales were extremely strong and even record breaking: Pre-orders for the 6 and 6 plus breezed over the 4 million mark within the first 24 hours. Overall, ten million units were sold within the first three months and 220 million were sold in total. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus was therefore crowned the bestselling iPhone of its time.

The iPhone 6 128GB had some impressive internal features. Not only did it look great, but also performed extremely well. This iteration of iPhone came equipped with Apple’s powerful A4 64-bit chipsets as well as a brand new M8 motion coprocessor. This gave the 6 slick and seamless perform. The iPhone 6 was also the first iPhone and Apple product to implement near-field communications or more specifically near-field payments. This meant Apple users were able add credit or debit cards to their Apple wallet, use touch ID, hover their phone above a contactless card reader, and complete a transaction; this was the birth of Apple Pay. Although Android had used this sort of technology before, it was only when Apple introduced its payment system that it became more universally adopted.

The design of the 6 itself was undeniably impressive. TechRadar commented on the iPhone’s design, saying it was simply, “brilliant”. A curved glass front, aluminium back, two flush antenna strips and 3 different finishes (gold, silver and “space grey”) made the iPhone 6 a thing of beauty. At only 129 grams and 6.9 millimetres the iPhone 6 was once again the thinnest and sleekest generation of iPhone. The new model also saw a much-needed battery upgrade. Helped by the more efficient IOS 8, the 6.91Wh battery lasted considerably longer than its predecessors. Being a modern iPhone, the 6 fully supported 4G LTE. Both the standard and plus featured support for 20 LTE brands, making streaming and internet access quick and easy on the go.

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