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You'll get £0.02

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Get an instant price for your iPhone 2G 16GB

On June 29th 2007 Apple released the iPhone 2G 16GB. It was the first of the models to come and it, as Apple said, it ‘reinvented the phone’. Within a year it had sold 6.1 Million units, 1 million in its first 2 months.

It had everything a phone needed to be successful: a great capacitive touchscreen, high storage capacity for music, apps, etc, and powerful internals.

That screen was a 320 x 480 display with a 163 ppi density. Apple also made massive advancements in capacitive touch technology so that it would be much more usable than previous smartphone offerings. Other phones in the market used resistive touch screens, which require a great deal of pressure in order to be activated. Instead Steve Jobs’ idea was to used a triple layered capacitive touchscreen that allowed for the perfect balance between responsiveness and usability.

It was also one of the first phones to feature a 3 axis accelerometer, for gesture control and the use of an automated compass, this was paired with a ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor. The iPhone 2G 16GB also debuted what was a huge step forward for smartphones. Rather than have an operating system built by a third party such as Windows, Sony or Nokia, Apple did it themselves and they did it in glorious fashion. They created Apple iPhone OS 1.0 (before it was known as iOS), due it being built directly onto a custom Apple architecture, it allowed the operating system to be heavily optimized to the point where the CPU didn’t need to be blindingly quick in order for the phone to operate smoothly. Although it didn’t need to be it still was, Apple incorporated a very fast 412 MHz Single Core ARM CPU, with a dedicated PowerVR graphics chip. This meant performance was no laughing matter. For Zapper though, we’ll pay for that sort of performance, we’ll pay you in cash. So run through our website and receive an instant offer on your iPhone 2G 16GB and free postage when you do decide to send it over. So sell your iPhone 2G 16GB today!