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The Thumb is now one of the most famous advertisements in history. An unassuming name for an assuming phone. The Thumb was an advert created by Apple to advertise the fact that they’d released the iPhone 5 to the world. The key feature being a screen that naturally fit into the average person’s hand and was operable simply by using a single thumb. It was a masterstroke and as such the iPhone 5 sold 91,000,000 units worldwide from its release on September 21st 2012, before being discontinued.

Not only this but it was the last iPhone design to be overseen by Steve Jobs and the first iPhone to be designed under the direction of Tim Cook. We at Zapper think that’s a dream team if we’ve ever heard one.

It paid off, the phone was an absolute delight to use. Its brand-new Apple A6 chip allowed the phone to move through the iOS 6 operating system with complete ease. The A6 came with a 1.3GHz ARM Swift CPU and a PowerVR GPU, all paired with 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM. It was quick, very very quick at every task under the sun. It could play the latest in mobile gaming and because of its stunning 1136 x 640 326ppi display and its screen size, it ran well, looked amazing and felt comfortable doing it.

For the camera enthusiasts among us, we were delighted to hear that the iPhone 5 included a 8MP Sony Exmor sensor that allowed for some stunning shots. It recorded its photos and videos with a f/2.4 aperture, perfect for those hyper sharp Instagram photos. The videos for that matter were recorded in full 1080p HD at a film standard 30 fps. A new breakthrough for the camera was the inclusion of facial recognition for photo still that could allow for easy sharing of photos with multiple people in.

Zapper can’t wait to buy your iPhone 5, that’s why we’ll give you an instant cash offer for it! We’ll give you free postage when you sell your Apple iPhone 5 with Zapper.

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