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Apple iPhone 5S 16GB

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We pay what we offer

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You'll get £55.00

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The iPhone 5S was released September 2013, alongside Apple’s iPhone 5C. Phil Schiller spoke earlier that month at Apple’s California based Cupertino headquarters, releasing details of the 5S, as well as iO7; Apples revamped, restyled slick new operating system. On the surface, the 5S looked very similar to it’s older brother, the iPhone 5. However, the 5S promised to pack a far greater punch with upgrades in hardware, the addition of new innovative features. The ‘S’ in the original iPhone 3GS stood for ‘speed’. Armed with an updated processor and iOS7, it was fair to say the iPhone 5S was living up to the name.

Lurking underneath the 5S’s unamusing body, was a powerful inbuilt dual-core processor A7 chip. The A7 is Apple’s first 64-bit system-on-a-chip (SoC) but not only that, it was the first ever 64-bit SoC on the market. This proved once again that Apple was at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Within the powerful components of the A7, was a 1.5GHz dual-core custom Cyclone processor, OpenGL ES 3.0 and PowerVR G6430. This made it perfect for apps that require a lot of processing or were CPU intensive. Although these statistics may seem rather trivial in comparison to brand new A11 Bionic processors we see in models today, it’s important to put in perspective what Apple had Achieved. At the time of release, the A7 processor of the 5S was the fastest and most technically advanced processors on the planet, blowing competition out the water.

However, Apple didn’t just stop at adding a goliath of a processor. They also worked a coprocessor into the A7’s architecture; this was called the M7. This was Apple’s first ever coprocessor and took the performance and capabilities of the iPhone 5S into the stratosphere. Within the 5S, the M7’s role was to collect all manner of motion related data in real time, in a power efficient way. This meant that, games, fitness apps, and other motion related application could run without draining the life out of the iPhone’s lithium battery. This was because the M7 did clever things, such recognise when you were in the car, so the app could power down. As well as this, it worked in conjunction with iOS7 to ensure that when apps were running in the background, like a pedometer for example, there were no gaps in the data. This meant users would have a full and comprehensive overview of steps, even if they temporarily lost network signal.

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