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Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB

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You'll get £155.00
We pay what we offer

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  • Not locked to a Network
  • Not locked to iCloud (Apple products only)
  • Please do not send any boxes, chargers, cases or other accessories - any received will be disposed of and cannot be returned or replaced

You'll get £155.00

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Get an instant price for your iPhone 6 Plus 128GB

If I’d spoken to an Android fan in early 2014 what the iPhone’s main problems were, they’d likely reel off a long incoherent list of ramblings that include battery life, processing speed and everything that Android had an edge over Apple with, that is before they arrive on two big points: The display size and the storage space. Previous iPhones had a maximum capacity of 64GB of storage with no capability to expand it with a MicroSD, whereas pretty much the entire Android line-up had the ability to accept up to 256GB of MicroSD storage space along with whatever onboard storage that the phone already had. Apple responded in a very big way, rather than just increasing the maximum storage capacity by a small fraction, they doubled it. The best iPhone went from a puny 64GB to a monstrous 128GB. This did come at a price though, it cost more than any iPhone before it.

However, the price did afford one thing, quality. The new iPhone 6 Plus 128GB was completely redesigned from the ground up, gone were the sharp straight edges of the previous phone, in were ergonomically designed curved edges that felt easy to hold. It was also the thinnest of any phone produced, with gave it an incredible form factor. That might make you think they didn’t pack in some good hardware, well Zapper wouldn’t offer you so much if didn’t have such great tech inside. With its system on chip architecture, that incorporates the 1.4GHz Dual Core ARM Typhoon CPU, a Quad Core PowerVR Series 6 GPU and 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM, it was no sloth.

Also, they didn’t waste a nanometre of that 5.5inch display. It packs a scarcely believable 1920 x 1080 Full HD LED-Backlit IPS LCD screen, which makes viewing anything a complete delight. So if you’re looking to sell your iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, then don’t hesitate to sell with Zapper. We’re fast (instant offers), we’re completely free (no postage fees) and we just love technology, so we can’t wait to get our hands on your old tech!