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Get an instant price for your DVDs with Zapper!

Are your cabinets crammed full of DVDs that you never watch? You're not alone! Plenty of people across the UK find themselves piling their homes full of DVDs that they no longer want. DVDs are often given as gifts, or bought as a last-minute treat. However, with new streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, DVDs are becoming less popular than ever. Fortunately, if you want to clear out some clutter in your home and make some easy cash for your streaming subscription, you could always sell your old DVDs with Zapper!

DVDs, or digital versatile discs (digital video discs) were co-developed by Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, and Sony in 1995. Designed as a technologically-savvy solution to the old-fashioned option of VHS tapes, DVDs quickly revolutionized the way we view and collect media. Not only were DVDs more robust and aesthetically attractive than bulky tapes - they were also capable of producing far better quality in terms of sound and picture - meaning that they quickly made the VHS obsolete. Even though ""Blu-Ray"" options for media viewing have been around for quite some time, DVD sales remain high, and you can typically expect to find all the latest releases sold in your local entertainment stores.

Whether you're hoping to clear some space in your home by getting rid of those space-consuming DVD boxes, or you want to make cash on the shows and movies you already have in digital form, Zapper can help. Simply scan your items, or enter your DVD barcode details into the Zapper valuation engine, and you'll receive an instant quote for your unwanted DVDs.

With Zapper, postage is completely free!

Don't add your pile of DVDs to an already-growing landfill. No matter why you're selling, why not make a little extra money on the DVDs you don't want?

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