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Find out how our founders secured a record offer of £250,000 from Theo Paphitis on Dragons Den.

Get an instant price for your Games with Zapper!

Sell your old games to Zapper and make some quick cash for those new titles. If you've got a pile of unwanted games sitting at home, gathering dust, then why not use them to make yourself some extra cash with Zapper? At Zapper, we make selling your old games, CDs, DVDs, and electronics easier than ever with a simple system, and competitive prices.

Today, games and games consoles have grown to be more popular than ever before. Over the years, developments in everything from incredible graphics, new processors to ultra fast GPUs have changed the way that we look at gaming. The very first video games were introduced during the 1960s. These creations were played on huge computers connected to vector displays (rather than analogue televisions). Today's games are far different. Designed for months, even years, at a time and issued in disc format, or offered through digital download. Today, people even get paid for playing games professionally!

No matter how much of an avid fan of gaming you might be, the chances are that your collection might get a little too large to handle from time to time. If you think it's about time that you clear out the clutter, then Zapper can help. We'll give you the competitive trade-in prices that you couldn't get anywhere else - so you can invest in new gaming adventures!

To start making money today, simply enter the barcode details of your game into our Zapper valuation engine, or use our app to scan the code. We'll provide an instant quotation for the games that you don't want. How about trading in your old games consoles too, if you no longer use them? Also, we make sure that you don't have to pay a penny for shipping, it's all complete free with no hidden fees to worry about.

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