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Apple iPhone 7 256GB

Apple iPhone 7 256gb

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Apple iPhone 7 128GB

Apple iPhone 7 128gb

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Apple iPhone 7 64GB

Apple iPhone 7 64gb

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Apple iPhone 7 32GB

Apple iPhone 7 32gb

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Get an instant price for your iPhone 7 with Zapper!

I say the words “iPhone 7 headphone jack” it would make a room of Zapper staff erupt into a ferocious argument of two sides. One side would say that Apple’s decision to drop the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack was act of visionary future proofing that meant they could get rid of an archaic technology and save space for their solid-state haptic touch home button, which adds many new gestures on one single button. Whereas the other half of the room would berate Apple for losing a feature that allows for the seamless plugging in of headphones without any loss in quality. If you’re on this side and can’t live without that good 3.5mm feeling then sell your iPhone 7 to Zapper today, you’ll get an instant offer, free postage and most importantly some quick cash!

Besides that the iPhone 7 is undisputedly a great smartphone, it kept most of the incredible features of the iPhone 6. The 4.7 inch retina display is as gorgeous as screens can be, with a 326ppi resolution it makes every image unbelievably sharp.

Along with a razor sharp UI (user interface) thanks to the latest version of iOS and Apple’s A10 Fusion chip which incorporated a 2.34GHz quad-core processor and a PowerVR dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), the iPhone 7 is a joy to use on just about any app on the App Store. But as life goes, you might want to upgrade to the latest iPhone, need some easy money or want to make the switch to the latest and greatest Android smartphone. Either way the best way to make money fast is to sell your iPhone to Zapper!

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