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Apple iPhone 6S 128GB

Apple iPhone 6S 128gb

Up to £187.00
Apple iPhone 6S 64GB

Apple iPhone 6S 64gb

Up to £176.00
Apple iPhone 6S 32GB

Apple iPhone 6S 32gb

Up to £168.00
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB

Apple iPhone 6S 16gb

Up to £171.00
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128gb

Up to £203.00
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64GB

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64gb

Up to £206.00
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32gb

Up to £205.00
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16gb

Up to £191.00

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Get an instant price for your iPhone 6S with Zapper!

A year after the iPhone 6 came out, the iPhone 6S was officially released on September 25th 2015. The 6S was similar in appearance to its predecessor but has some key technical additions such as 3D Touch, a 12-megapixel camera and an improved finger recognition sensor. In general the iPhone 6S was met with positive feedback from customers and critics. At Zapper we think the iPhone 6S is a great piece of technology, here’s why.

The iPhone 6S was the first phone to feature 3D Touch, a more advanced version of the Force Touch technology that featured on the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Apple Watch lines. It means that the iPhone recognises pressure as a new gesture, where differing levels of finger force generate different outcomes. For example, users can peek at content they hover on, whilst pressing longer and harder allows the content to pop up without leaving the app. How can this help user experience? Well, users could seek information regarding a location by pressing down on a certain point on a map for example.

The 6S model possesses the same 4.7” display and the same 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options as it predecessor, however users welcomed some vital improvements. Impressively, the 6S featured a back camera with 12-megapixels capable of 4K video quality, compared the original iPhone 6’s 8-megapixels with 1080p video. The front camera improved astronomically, going from a 1.2-megapixel to a 5-megapixel with flash. As you can imagine, this front camera advancement had a big impact on the prevalence of selfies - whether this is a good thing or not we’ll let you decide.

The vast improvement that the 6S model featured meant that sales rocketed. In fact, the monday after the phone’s launch, Apple announced that sales had reached a huge 13 million. This was a record for Apple, outstripping the previous record the iPhone 6 made with 10 million sales.

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