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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4

Up to £67.00
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Up to £29.10
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Up to £37.10

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Get an instant price for your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Zapper!

"You’re probably thinking “Where should I sell my Galaxy S4”? We think we do it best, we offer instant valuation, we have unbelievable offers; also as always you don’t pay for postage and we’re passionate about what we do. Here’s a little bit about the Samsung S4 to prove that to you!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone that was released in March of 2013. It received widespread critical acclaim, some even saying that it was the first Samsung to rival the Apple iPhone’s dominance in the phone market. It’s the only year since the inception of smartphone technology that Samsung’s smartphone sales have eclipsed and exceeded Apple’s iPhone offerings. A large factor this success is the Samsung S4 and, what were at the time, incredibly innovative features that were very much ahead of the mobile tech curve. The impressive specification list began with a double whammy of innovation: a screen that not only sported a very vibrant and hyper colourful super AMOLED configuration, but also an insanely sharp Full HD 1920 x 1080p screen. All in all, it made for some beautiful viewing. However, do not mistake this as a pretty face with no serious brains behind it. That incredible high definition AMOLED screen was backed up by a dedicated tri-core PowerVR GPU, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, and a 1.6GHz Quad-Core Cortex A15 processor. What this meant for the Galaxy S4 is that come gaming time it could push out some serious visuals that even a video game console of the time might envy.

To play games like that and to ensure silky smooth navigation and operation, the Galaxy came with the latest Android OS installed, Jelly Bean 4.2.2. The Jelly Bean OS was something of an improvement over previous Google operating systems, reviewers claimed that it was the best to date. However, Samsung, not ones to leave their design ethos at the door, fiddled with the proprietary Android OS and installed their TouchWiz Nature UX 2 overlay/interface. This allowed for the addition of important new gestures such as “Smart Scroll” whereby users could move up or down the page they were reading by simply looking at the top/bottom of the screen or tilting the phone forward/backward. With a pretty display came a wonderful camera, an integrated 16 MegaPixel (MP) Sony Exmor RS sensor. Sony produces the best sensors in the smartphone business and this rang true as an excellent choice from Samsung. It coupled brilliantly with the Full HD screen which meant that Saturday night selfies became a thing of beauty.

So now as you’ve had your use of your old Galaxy S4, why not sell it to Zapper to get excellent cash offers? The process is simple after finding us, just enter what condition your phone is in and receive an offer in milliseconds. It’s as fast as lightning.

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