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Get an instant price for your Samsung Galaxy S7 with Zapper!

Have you got an unwanted Samsung Galaxy S7 in one pocket and an empty wallet in the other? Good! Here at Zapper we’ll turn that Samsung S7 into easy money (as if by magic) and fill your wallet with cold hard cash. Not to mention its completely free for you to use, there’s no postage fees, no hidden charges and we don’t try any dishonest tricks when we receive your Samsung S7. Do you want to know more, because we can tell you can tell you? Okay, here’s a little bit about the Galaxy S7 because this is the sort of stuff that gets us excited.

When give a 5* out of 5* everyone in the smartphone industry takes notice. A perfect score isn’t something you hand out lightly but here at Zapper we completely agree with their opinion, which is why we offer you a good hunk of cash for it. Consumers agreed too, it sold 55 million units worldwide, an absolute incredible amount of sales for just one year. The reason for this was partly due to the final reintroduction and perfection of many specifications that Samsung had featured in past Galaxy Smartphones. The first was the thinning out of the TouchWiz interface down to its necessary UI features, avoiding bloatware on the device.

What this meant for the new phone was that although it had no more cores than its predecessor, it ran much faster than the S6; the greatest benefit however was the battery life was much improved over the previous year’s phones, with a more efficient use of power and larger lithium ion battery, in tests Techradar found that it consistently beat out the competing iPhone 6S and many other smartphones at the same price point. Another great advantage of this phone is just how expandable the storage capacity is, it comes in models up to 64GB with a microSD slot for up to 256GBs of expansion. Pretty impressive!

It’s knowledge like this that ensures we’re great at what we do and that we offer you the best possible price for your old Samsung phone. So, hurry now! Sell your Samsung now with Zapper and secure that magnificent price.