Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB

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  • Not locked to a Network
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    When the Samsung Galaxy S6 was first released back in 2015, it was a popular consumer choice. The device sold more units than the Galaxy S5 that released the previous year. Although this was a popular choice, it didn’t quite top the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4, that sold over ten million units in around 6 months. When the S6 originally released, 20 countries were graced with its presence. It was particularly popular in Asia, where, in some regions, it out sold its Apple competition. In keeping with the upscaling trend of smartphones, Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge+. This came with a larger battery as well as bigger, curved 5.7inch display.

    Whilst retaining similar design features to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the S6 had few subtle upgrades to increase feel and usability. The unibody was no longer made of plastic. Instead a sleek aluminium body was fitted, giving the phone a more luxurious feel. As well as this, the rear camera got an upgrade making it one, if not the best smartphone camera at the time. The S6 featured a 16 mega-pixel camera which could record video in stunning 2160p at 30 frames per second. At the time, this easily out performed Apple’s iPhone 6, making the S6 the phone of choice for the would be mobile photographer, or Instagram obsessed hipster.

    It was fair to say that Samsung significantly stepped up their design game for the S6. The Galaxy S6 came in four slick finishes including, “White Pearl”, “Black Sapphire”, “Gold Platinum” and exclusively to the S6, “Blue Topaz”. For the first time, Samsung was rivalling Apple’s design team, as both the iPhone of the time and the S6 were very good-looking devices. Whilst the iPhone 6 may have outsold the Galaxy S6 32gb in total, there was no denying that the S6 was the bee’s knees.

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