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Selling your Lego with Zapper

Lego has to be one of the most iconic toys to ever grace this planet. Since it’s conception 1949, it’s stimulated the imagination of children and adults alike for decades. Everyone loves Lego, it’s the toy that keeps on giving. However, if you’re neglecting to use your Lego, that doesn’t mean you should keep stacks of the little plastic bricks around your home. Put it to better use and sell Lego to Zapper. As well as clearing out space you’ll make money to spend on whatever you please.

The word Lego in Danish translates into, ‘play on’ which is exactly what Lego encourages you to do. No other toy quite inspires the same level of creativity as Lego. The building aspect quite literally means you can create what you imagine; from planes and cars, to animals, to famous places or even entire cities, anything is possible with Lego. The beauty of Lego, is that anything constructed can be taken apart and ensembled as something completely different.

How much is Lego worth

Selling Lego with Zapper is as simple as can be – just select the weight of LEGO you want to sell from the dropdown above and we’ll give you an instant valuation. If you’re happy with the price move through the stages to complete your trade.

With the trade process completed we’ll email you a pre-paid shipping label. All that’s left for you to do is drop the boxed-up LEGO at your nearest Collect Plus drop off point. Once your Lego has been securely posted, you can rest assured that you’re only days away from a pay-out. At Zapper, we’ll even let you pick your preferred payment method! We pay as soon as we successfully process your Lego – you’ll have money in your account in no time.

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