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Get an excellent price when you sell your LEGO® with Zapper!

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1. Value your items

Get an instant valuation for your book, CD, DVD, game, LEGO®, electronic device, mobile phone or gift card. You can even scan it with our handy app.


2. Choose Payment

Choose your payment method – we pay as soon as we receive your items.

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3. Send it to us

Pack your items in any box and send them to us FREE of charge.


Why not use our handy app?

Speed things up with our super fast bar code scan tool. Just aim and scan for an instant valuation


Find out how our founders secured a record offer of £250,000 from Theo Paphitis on Dragons Den.

Get an instant price for your LEGO® with Zapper!

With Zapper you can sell your LEGO®® in three easy steps – Value, Cash, Pack.

Everyone loves LEGO®®, it’s the toy that keeps on giving, but that doesn't mean you want boxes of it piling up around your home. If you have some old bricks that you no longer use for whatever reason, why not make a bit of extra money by selling them to Zapper? Our process couldn't be simpler - you just select the weight of LEGO® you want to sell in from the dropdown above and we’ll give you an instant valuation. If you’re happy with the price move through the stages to complete your trade.

With the trade process completed we’ll email you a pre-paid shipping label and all that’s left for you to do is drop the boxed up LEGO® at your nearest Collect+ drop off station. Once your LEGO®® has been securely posted, you can rest assured that you're only days away from a pay-out. At Zapper, we'll even let you pick your preferred payment method!

What else can you sell with Zapper?

We don't just accept CDs, DVDs and Books. We'll also make cash offers for your PS2, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games, electronics like Tomtoms, digital cameras, Ipods, Ipads and games consoles. If you have any old mobile phones lying around we'll happily take those off your hands as well particularly, Iphone 5 & 6 and Samsung Galaxies. Two new products we've recently added to the website are giftcards and LEGO®®, so now you have even more opportunities to make fast cash with Zapper.

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