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Sell games online to Zapper and make some quick cash to put towards those new releases! Got a small mountain of dusty, unwanted games sitting at home? Why not trade them with Zapper and make yourself some extra cash. At Zapper, we make selling games, CDs, DVDs, and electronics easier than ever with a simple system, and competitive prices. If that wasn’t enough, shipping your goods to us is absolutely FREE! We also won’t hit you with any crafty hidden costs – the price we offer, is always the price we pay.

Today, games and games consoles have grown to be more popular than ever before. Over the years, developments in graphics, processors and GPUs have changed the way that we look at gaming. These days everything is fast, stunning and a joy to play. The very first video games were introduced during the 1960s. These creations were played on huge computers connected to vector displays (rather than analogue televisions). Today’s games are very different. Designed for months, even years, at a time and issued in disc format or digital download, today’s games create complex and diverse worlds to immerse the player within.

How much are my pre-owned games worth

Getting a value for your old video games couldn’t be easier with Zapper. Simply input the barcode of your game into our website, or alternatively, download our handy app which will scan the barcodes for you. You’ll have a value for your old games in no time. We offer a range of payment methods to suit you, whether that be by bank transfer, PayPal or good old-fashioned cheque.

No matter how much of an avid gamer you might be, the chances are that your collection might get a little too large to handle. With superb titles being released all the time, it’s easy for the collection to swell. If you think it’s about time that you clear out the clutter, then Zapper can help you recycle games. We’ll give you the competitive trade-in prices, leaving you cash to invest in new gaming adventures! Game trade ins have never been so easy with Zapper.

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