Apple iPhone 5C 32GB

Apple iPhone 5C 32GB

Please select the condition of your phone:

You’ll get £9.00

  • In full working order, turns on and off
  • All buttons working
  • Battery included and fully charged
  • Screen not scratched or damaged
  • Minor cosmetic wear
  • Not water damaged
  • Not reported lost or stolen
  • Not locked to a Network
  • Not locked to iCloud (Apple products only)
  • Please do not send any boxes, chargers, cases or other accessories - any received will be disposed of and cannot be returned or replaced
  • Phones, Tablets and Music players: Please do not send us chargers, cables, cases, accessories or original packaging, in fact these are discarded immediately upon receipt and cannot be returned. This is industry standard procedure for this category of device.

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    Sell iPhone 5C 32GB

    Selling your iPhone 5C 32GB with Zapper

    At Zapper, we’re mad for your unwanted tech. Whether it’s an old tablet, iPod, digital camera or iPhone, we’ll take it off your hands for a great price. Got an old iPhone 5C 32GB kicking about the house? Fancy quickly turning it into cash? Well at with Zapper you can! We accept smartphones in various conditions, from mint and brand new to broken and faulty. Sell iPhone 5C 32GB models to Zapper today and receive excellent deal as well as FREE shipping with Royal Mail. No need to worry about any hidden costs, we pay what we offer according our price promise.

    Inside the 5C’s quirky plastic shell, was Apples A6 chip. The A6 packed a hefty 1.3 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of random access memory (RAM) and a tri-core PowerVr. Despite its playful appearance, the 5C ran extremely well. It could easily run intensive apps and multitask without any stalls or lag spikes. Thus, the 5C’s performance was not to be under estimated. The 5C also got a battery upgrade, meaning it’s sharp Retina display with 326 pixels per inch could stay powered for longer.

    How much is an iPhone 5C 32GB worth?

    On Zapper.co.uk, you can sell iPhone 5C 32GB models as well as your old gadgets and clutter. Once you have entered your device make and model, use our valuation engine to get an instant quote for your device. As well as getting an instant valuation, Zapper will pay how you want. Choose from PayPal, bank transfer or even good old fashioned mailed cheque. Sell with Zapper today and clear out clutter whilst making some money on your unwanted tech!

    Once you’ve selected your preferred payment method, we will send you a sales pack containing instructions on how the process works as well as well as a Royal Mail free post label. On receipt, package up your iPhone 5C, head down to the Post Office and send it to the Zapper warehouse. Having been in the business for over a decade, Zapper knows exactly what to do with your old tech and how to make you money. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your iPhone 5C with Zapper right away!

    Devices we buy: iPhone 5C 8GB, iPhone 5C 16GB

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