Apple iPhone 4 32GB

Apple iPhone 4 32GB

Please select the condition of your phone:

You’ll get £2.00

  • In full working order, turns on and off
  • All buttons working
  • Battery included and fully charged
  • Screen not scratched or damaged
  • Minor cosmetic wear
  • Not water damaged
  • Not reported lost or stolen
  • Not locked to a Network
  • Not locked to iCloud (Apple products only)
  • Please do not send any boxes, chargers, cases or other accessories - any received will be disposed of and cannot be returned or replaced
  • Phones, Tablets and Music players: Please do not send us chargers, cables, cases, accessories or original packaging, in fact these are discarded immediately upon receipt and cannot be returned. This is industry standard procedure for this category of device.

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    Sell iPhone 4 32GB

    Selling your iPhone 4 32GB with Zapper

    In this day and age, it’s hard to find a situation which is as good as advertised. Companies these days will entice you with a dazzling offer, only to encumber you with T&Cs which somehow exclude you from their sweet deal. At Zapper, we pride ourselves on doing it differently. Our price promise is at the forefront of what we do. That means we guarantee to pay what we quote – simple. Ready to join the thousands of Zapper customers? Sell iPhone 4 32GB devices to Zapper today.

    When the iPhone 4 was released in June 2010, it was the thinnest smartphone in the world. The iPhone itself was constructed from two glass surfaces and a metal rim, making it look and feel extremely modern for its time. Yet, it was not just it’s thickness and aesthetics that were innovative. At the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced that the stainless-steel frame would double up as the iPhones antenna which as Mr Jobs said, ‘had never been done before’. Internally the miniSIM in the iPhone 3G was changed to a microSIM, the cellular radio and Bluetooth remained the same and dual mics were fitted for better noise quality and improved noise cancelation.

    How much is an iPhone 4 32GB worth?

    Being an old iPhone these days, it would be completely normally for your iPhone 4 to not be in the pristine condition you once bought it in. Not to worry, at Zapper, we accept phones in many different conditions. Regardless of whether your phone is faulty, cracked or chipped, Zapper will give you a quote. To get an instant valuation, simply indicate the condition of your device in our valuation engine – you’ll have a quote in seconds. Please be accurate at this step, as we don’t want to have to revalue your iPhone upon receipt at our warehouse.

    Have Zappers superb deals got you ready to trade? Excellent news! Once you’ve received a quote and chosen a payment method, we’ll send you an email containing a Royal Mail free post label as well as a sales pack containing a jiffy bag. When you sell your iPhone 4 32GB to us, make sure you package it securely and attach the free post label. Remember, we pay as soon as we process your items – you’ll have the money at your disposal in no time.

    Devices we buy: iPhone 4 16GB, iPhone 4 8GB.

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