Apple iPhone 2G 8GB

Apple iPhone 2G 8GB

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  • Not locked to a Network
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    Nowadays you could consider the iPhone 2G 8GB the grandfather of all iPhones, the basic model that started it all. Being such a success it’s hard to think back to when iPhones didn’t exist. This is because when the iPhone released on June 29 2007, it released into a fledgling smartphone market that was still finding its feet. The formula was perfect, hence its long standing success. It featured the most advanced touchscreen to date which meant that Apple’s brand new built-from-the-ground-up iPhone operating system iOS 1.0 ran super-slickly. With a multitude of multi-Touch functions, the iPhone 2G 8GB could be navigated with speed that hadn’t been seen before in the smartphone market. That was combined with a speedy 41MHz Single-Core ARM processor, and a PowerVR MBX Lite dedicated GPU, this resulted in performance that could allow for seamless and snappy operation. It also sported a typically sleek Apple design that finally meant someone could buy a smartphone and use it in public. Previously smartphones that were released would be gaudy, flashy and bulky, iPhone 2G 8GB flipped the script on that and that’s likely why it was such a success. It sold 1 million phones in its first 74 days, within a year Apple had sold 6.1 million iPhones, with the iPhone 2G 8GB model making up a good proportion of the sales.

    The iPhone 2G 8GB sold for the reasonable price of £455, which is much less than what the lowest iPhone model nowadays sell for – the iPhone 8 64GB at £699.00.

    This low price was for a groundbreaking piece of technology, it was one of the first phones to combine recreational and business abilities. Previously, phones like Blackberry would focus on business usability with qwerty keyboards and no entertainment features. However with Apple’s no compromise philosophy, they managed to squeeze in the power of an iPod with the power of the Apple Newton MessagePad.

    We at Zapper would really love to get our hands on one, for that reason we’ll give you an instant offer for your iPhone 2G 8GB. You’ll get quick cash and free postage when you sell your iPhone 2G 8GB.

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