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We help a variety of charities and businesses directly, by making it easy for them to sell Books, CDs, DVDs and Games in bulk.


We have worked with the textile recycling sector in the UK for over three years, assisting various companies maximise their returns from the sale of Books, CDs, DVDs and Games. We either receive “raw stock” on pallets, or in our own crates and it is processed at our warehouse and payments are either made upon receipt or on a “revenue-share” basis. Rejected stock is recycled responsibly.

Some partners use a bespoke version of our software to “pre-qualify” stock at their own facility. This allows them to recycle the “rejected” stock themselves, and also minimises onward transport costs. Increasingly this is becoming the chosen working method.


Our charity partners either ship us raw, palletised stock of Books, CDs, DVDs and Games or use a bespoke version of our software to “pre-qualify” saleable media items in their shops and warehouses. Rejected stock is then often sent with clothes to the textile recycler they work with, or even kept in their stores for onward sale.


Increasingly we are working with reputable agencies engaged in clothing collections on behalf of UK charities. We have proven that it can be profitable to collect Books, CDs, DVDs and Games alongside clothing, and furthermore gives consumers more ways in which they can make a difference to respective charities.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help your charity or business maximise their returns from used Books, CDs, DVDs and Games then please get in touch.

All of our “rejected” stock is recycled responsibly via