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Please remember the following important condition guidelines when selling us your Books, CDs, DVDs and Games.

  1. We only accept trades from the UK.
  2. A Barcode entered must be the barcode on the item itself.
  3. Books must be in Good condition, free from damp, tearing, or excessive notes or writing.
  4. Any books which originally included CDs, or DVDs or other accessories MUST include these extras otherwise they will be rejected upon receipt.
  5. All disc media must have the original cases, packaging and inserts and these must be in good condition.
  6. Any disc media may have light scratches, but NOT have any deep scratches, cracks or dents in them.
  7. All disc media must be original material and under no circumstances will we accept copied or pirated items. We will take further action if we believe we have been knowingly sent copied or pirated items.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, which you will have to accept before completing your trade with us. This contains comprehensive information relating to acceptable conditions of items as well as other important information. Any items that do not meet the required standard will be rejected, and payment for these items will be deducted from the total owing, so please ensure that you have read and understood them.


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