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Boy with head down in books

Allow me to take you back to the best days of your life. A time where you didn't have to worry about a mortgage, a time where Brexit was merely fictitious concept, and a time where you didn't have to worry about that massive pile of bills you've horded in your bed side draw. It's fair to say times were a lot simpler. My only concern was dropping my plate in the dining hall or being rejected by girls far above striking capabilities. Looking back now, school was a good time for me. Yet, as I become older and spend more time absorbing myself in the often more interesting world of literature, I can't help but dwell on those books I read and studied during my school career. If you grew up in the UK, I'm sure you'll recall a handful of books synonymous with school level English literature. Some of these I enjoyed, some I did not, but aside from that, I'm fully certain that I won't forget them in a hurry. Warning, a few spoilers ahead.

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Apple iPhone

"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything". This was how Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone when it came to market in 2007. In saying this, it's clear that Jobs had complete confidence the iPhone was going to do exactly that; change everything.

A decade later, and it remains the late visionary's greatest legacy. iPhones started a smartphone revolution and whether you like it or not, play a monumental role in our daily lives. What exactly makes the iPhone so likeable? We put it down to four main reasons.

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Back in 1997, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings admired the concept behind Amazon selling books online. They borrowed the concept and applied it to DVDs. Instead of selling DVDs at a brick-and-mortar store like Blockbusters did, they decided to take orders through

This decision to take on DVD retailers like Blockbuster was a brave but ultimately genius decision, and two decades later the co-founders' vision has transformed into a juggernaut of an online business. As you know, Netflix now operate solely as an online streaming platform, having more-or-less killed off the DVD in the process. How did the Californian company do it?

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Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, the world's largest tech giants showcase the latest gadgets they are working. As you can imagine, the biggest gadget show on the planet is never short of excitement.

The exhibition is always significant as we get to see the kind of gadgets that will play a role in our near-future. From a modular TV screen to an underwater drone, here are some of Zapper's favourite gadgets from the annual Las Vegas tech gathering.

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Old books

We are in the midst of the Digital Era and with that comes a reduction in our need for books. With many people preferring to read online, listen to Audiobooks or use devices like the Amazon Kindle, there is an abundance of books collecting dust on our shelves.

If you are one of many who has dozens of old books gathering dust, here we tell you what you can do to free up space and even make some extra cash by getting rid of your old books.

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PS3 games

It's over ten years since the release of the legendary PlayStation 3, in 2006. It was part of the seventh generation of video game consoles, competing against Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Wii. The PS3 was hugely successful, making its name as the seventh best-selling video game console of all time.

We know the PS3 was brilliant. But what were the best PS3 games? Read on to find out the ten bestselling PlayStation 3 games. There are some real classics. Which one did you enjoy most?

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The Apple iPod

In a time where we can instantaneously stream just about any song in the world, it is easy to forget just how different times used to be 20 years ago. When the MP3 format was created in late 1990s, music fans could only listen via their PCs. The Sony Walkman was one of the first advancements, but who really wants to carry around CDs with them?

After a few companies tried their best to create a likeable MP3 player, Apple brought out the iPod. The Apple iPod was revolutionary and reigned for over 15 years. The Silicon Valley company have discontinued all iPod models apart from the iPod Touch (which everyone knows is more like a 4-inch iPad). There have been some awesome iPods, which one was your favourite?

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The Blackberry

In a day and age of smartphone ubiquity, it is very easy to suggest that Apple started the craze with their release of the iPhone in 2007. However, many would argue that the Blackberry was the first smartphone.

The Canadian company shot to popularity and became a genuine status symbol amongst celebrities and businessman alike. But what happened? Join us in recalling the rise and fall of Blackberry, the phones that marked the beginning of the smartphone era.

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LEGO Group

Lego is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most famous toy brand of all time. The plastic construction blocks came to be a global phenomenon and the Lego Group's empire reigns ever-stronger. But how was Lego created and how did it become so popular?

Lego's uses are far-reaching. Lego empowers kids to be the architects of the world in front of them. If you, like many of us, are a Lego enthusiast, let us tell you the history of the world's most famous toy.

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Apple vs. Samsung

It is just over 10 years since the late Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. A smartphone revolution followed and since then there has been an intense battle between Apple and Samsung to be the market-leader in smartphones.

Whether you are an Apple fan or a Samsung fan, join us in recalling the ongoing battle between two 21st century technology giants. From sales figures, to market share, and even to fierce lawsuits, the smartphone war is relentless.

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