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In October 2012 we appeared
on BBC Dragons' Den and secured
a record offer of £250,000 from
Theo Paphitis.

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Sell Books

If you’re planning to sell books online, you’re on the right page. Welcome to Zapper.

All you need to do is either type in the barcode of your used textbook or scan using the Zapper app to get an instant valuation of all your new as well as used books. Value the products you wish to sell, pack them up and send them to us FREE. We then process your order and you will have the cash before you know it.

You don’t need to set up at a car book sale or pester your friends anymore to sell your old books anymore!

Sell CDs, DVDs & Games

Offload your old CDs, DVDs and games to for cash!

All you’ve got to do is enter their barcodes on or scan in using our quick and easy Zapper App. Download it at the Play or App Store for Android and iOS enabled devices to get an instant valuation of your items. Move through the stages, send us your packages and wait for the cash to arrive.

There really is no easier way to sell your CDs, DVDs and games so why not give us a try!

Sell Mobiles

The easiest solution on the internet to sell your mobile phone hassle free, giving you a little extra for your next purchase.

If your home you’ve probably dozens of old phones in your drawer, gathering dust and taking up space. Don’t just throw them away – sell them…… to us! Just pick the make, model and condition it’s in and before you know it, the promise of cash will be staring you in the face.

Pack them up, send them to us for FREE using Collect+ and await you’re money, it is that easy.

Sell Electronics

If selling electronics is your game then Zapper is the name. Your old laptop or tablet is waiting to be sold so get it valued and see how much it’s worth.

Zapper provides the fastest service and will ensure you get the best cash for your electronics. De-clutter your life and earn some money, we would love to buy all your unwanted valuables. Just enter the items into the app or website, send them to us and wait for the money to arrive, it’s that simple! There are thousands of Collect+ locations nationwide so you won’t even need to get in your car.

Begin selling electronics today and see how much you can earn!

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Sell your CDs, DVDs and Games
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