Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB

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  • Not water damaged
  • Not reported lost or stolen
  • Not locked to a Network
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    If you’re asking, where is the best place that I can sell my used Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB phone for cash online today? Look no further Zapper is the site for you. Not only do we offer immediate valuations and exceptional offers for your used phones, but we also offer FREE postage! At Zapper, we feel strongly about providing our users with the best service possible and to prove this, here’s a bit about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB for you.

    Samsung revealed the S7 Edge 64GB at a press conference at ‘Mobile World Congress’ in February 2016. The S7 Edge is a series which is serving as the successor to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This in itself is a feat for the S7 Edge series because when Samsung launched the S7, they had a tough task trying to top the multi-award-winning S6 phone. But Samsung somehow managed to pull it off and we have crowned the S7 Edge 64GB the “best phone of 2016”, rather top-notch to us.

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB has the best optics and crispest screen due to its; 75.94% screen to body ratio, pin-sharp 534 ppi pixel density and 1440×2560 resolution. What also makes this phone an upgrade to its predecessor, is the camera protrusion on the Galaxy S7. Samsung has reduced the rear camera protrusion to just 0.42 mm. This means that the protrusion is barely noticeable when placing the phone down, whilst also being strong enough to help protect the lens.

    What really blows us away about the S7 Edge 64GB, is the realization that, along with it featuring elegant rim and clean lines, this phone is IP68 rated waterproof and unlike the S6, scratch resistant. But don’t be fooled, the waterproof feature doesn’t mean that you can take the S7 Edge 64GB scuba diving with you. What Samsung meant by labelling it ‘waterproof’ is that for all the clumsy people out there, you can use it in the bath or beside the pool without worrying about accidentally dropping it. It’s features like these, along with the 3,600mAh battery and an UHQ audio upscale, which is making the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB one of, if not the best smartphones on the market.

    Why waste no more time! If you are looking to sell your used Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB, open Zapper’s webpage and get an instant valuation for your phone. Just think what you could spend all that extra cash on!

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