Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB

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    The Samsung Galaxy unveiled the S6 Edge 128GB to the public in March 2015. As well as being the successor to the Galaxy S5, Samsung developed the S6 Edge with a screen that wrapped along the side of the phone. This was the first ever Samsung phone to sport this ‘edgy’ look (see what did there) and soon followed many curved edge phones such as the Galaxy Note Edge and S7 Edge models. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB phone simply hanging around your kitchen counter and fancy upgrading to the latest ‘edgy’ model, why not trade it into Zapper today for a quick cash return?

    With a huge 128GB internal storage capacity, the Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB was certainly a promising phone and one of the best Android phones of its time. Within the first 6 months of sales, the Galaxy S6 Edge quickly exceeded the number of Galaxy S5 units sold within a similar time frame. The Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB arrived along with the Samsung Galaxy S6, the two handsets had pretty much the same specs. The S6 Edge was slightly thicker (7mm vs 6.8mm), slightly larger (132g vs 138g) and packed an ever so slightly better battery (2600mAh vs 2550mA), but apart from that, the phones were almost identical. However, you couldn’t find a display like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on any other smartphone. It was a unique piece of engineering and it certainly looked impressive. The 5.1-inch main display boasted a QHD, 1440 x 2560 resolution with a 577ppi pixel density, giving pin sharp, crystal clear clarity and Samsung’s special Super AMOLED technology made everything even brighter and vivid.

    The camera on the back of the Galaxy S6 Edge is also worth talking about, as it was capable of taking some truly epic and stunning shots without any effort on your behalf. Great news for all the budding photographers out there with all the gear and no idea. You’ll find the same camera on the S6 Edge that you got on the Galaxy S6, with a 16MP rear facing snapper and a 5mp option up front. Samsung worked on its camera app with this phone release, making it less cluttered and easier to use – again a perfect feature for all the techies out there wanting to up your photography game. The 128GB internal storage capacity of this phone also meant that the number of photo taking options and opportunities was endless, you really could capture and store thousands of images of your phone.

    Is your old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unwanted, broken and as a result gathering dust in a neglected drawer? Zapper can cater to your needs by providing you with an instant cash offer for your old and used phones. We offer fantastic prices and along with FREE postage and no hidden costs, this really is the perfect service for you! So, what are you waiting for? Sell your Samsung Galaxy to Zapper today!

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