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In October 2012 we appeared on BBC Dragons' Den and secured a record offer of £250,000 from Theo Paphitis.

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With Zapper you can sell your LEGO® in three easy steps. Everyone loves LEGO® - but that doesn't mean you want boxes of it piling up around your home. If you're tired of tripping over unloved piles of LEGO®, then Zapper could have the perfect, cost-effective solution. With Zapper, you can sell the LEGO® pieces and packages that you don't want for quick and easy cash. The process couldn't be simpler - you just scan your products or enter the info, choose your payment method, and ship your boxes of LEGO® straight to us!

The word "LEGO®" comes from an abbreviation of the Danish words "Leg Godt", which means "Play well". The company was originally created during 1932 by Kirk Kristiansen, and over the years, control of the group has passed down from father to son - now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - the grandchild of the founder. Over a history of eighty years, the LEGO® brand has evolved all the way from a tiny carpenter's workshop, into a global enterprise that represents one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world. Today, many people of all ages still collect, build, and buy new LEGO® sets for themselves and their children. If you've found that your collection has been built a little too high - now might be the time to ask "Where can I sell my LEGO® for cash?"

Zapper offers an efficient and easy way for you to make money on your used LEGO® pieces. Just enter the details of your LEGO® and LEGO® kits into the Zapper valuation engine today, and you'll be given a reasonable quote in seconds! Remember, we value your LEGO® based on weight - so the more you have to trade in, the bigger your pay out will be.

If you decide to sell and get rid of some of that LEGO® clutter, then you can pile all the blocks and kits that you don't want into a secure box, and make use of our reliable Collect+ drop off stations. We'll send you a free Collect+ label to use on your package, and you can even use the "Pack" stage on our website to track down the facility closest to you based on your postcode. Once your LEGO® has been securely posted, you can rest assured that you're only days away from a pay-out. At Zapper, we'll even let you pick your preferred payment method!

What else can you sell with Zapper?

We don't just accept CDs, DVDs and Books. We'll also make cash offers for your PS2, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games, electronics like Tomtoms, digital cameras, Ipods, Ipads and games consoles. If you have any old mobile phones lying around we'll happily take those off your hands as well particularly, Iphone 5 & 6 and Samsung Galaxies. Two new products we've recently added to the website are giftcards and LEGO®, so now you have even more opportunities to make fast cash with Zapper.


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