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In October 2012 we appeared on BBC Dragons' Den and secured a record offer of £250,000 from Theo Paphitis.

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Why Sell Your Cds? Be honest, when's the last time you listened to your CD collection? If your old stack of CDs is sitting gathering dust - why not use them to make some money instead? At Zapper, you can sell used CDs for quick cash, which you can use to build up your new collection of digital music, or even buy a new iPod! For some of you those CDs have a sentimental, nostalgic value and we get that – it can be hard to part with stuff that reminds us of our youth. If you’re not ready to let them go yet, you know where we are when you decide the time is right. For those of you are ready, get scanning those barcodes and we’ll have a cash offer for you in no time.

The very first "compact disc" or CD, was produced commercially on the 17th of August, 1982 - long before things like DVDs and Blu Rays entered the market. At first, the format that we used to create the compact disc was only intended for storing and playing sound recordings, but over time, it was adapted to allow for the storage of data. In 2004, the sales of audio CDs, and other CD creations reached around 30 billion discs, and by 2007 200 billion discs had been sold world-wide. Today, with online libraries for music, cloud storage, and iPod technology, most of us listen to our music digitally - leading CDs to be practically obsolete. In fact, sales of CDs in the U.S. alone have dropped by around 50%. It's no wonder that so many people are currently dealing with huge piles of CDs that they no longer want, or need in their home. Fortunately, those CDs don't have to be worthless - with Zapper, you can use them to make easy money!

Clear up some space around your home, and make some extra pocket money by selling your old CDs for cash with Zapper. All you need to do to receive an instant quote is enter the barcode details of your CDs into our valuation engine. We'll give you an instant quotation, without any boring forms to fill in! If you're happy with your price, you can pack your CDs, alongside any unwanted Blu Rays, DVDs, and video games, into a box, and send them to us with the Collect+ service.

At Zapper, we don't make you pay for shipping. Instead, you'll get a free Collect+ label sent to your email for free postage. We'll even help you to find your closest Collect+ point to make shipping your unwanted CDs as simple as possible. From there, all you'll need to do is wait for your money to enter your account.

What else can I sell through Zapper?

It's not just CDs, Movies and textbooks that we buy at Zapper, you can also sell us your unwanted Playstation 2 & 3 and Xbox games, Apple items, including iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 and iPods. Other electrical items like Sat navs and cameras can also be sold through our platform. We recently added LEGO® to our product range so if you have any old bricks gathering dust in a cupboard we'll happily take them off your hands. Also, if you have any retail gift cards you're unlikely to spend we'll buy them from you, giving you cash to spend in a shop of your choice.


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