Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB

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    During a time when Android seemed like it was reigning supreme, Apple was under huge pressure to deliver a phone that would outpower and overperform the smartphone offerings running Google’s operating system. The odds were stacked against them, their iPhone 6 Plus 32GB had the looks and the screen to rival any Android device but lacked the internal specifications that could convince smartphone power users to convert from android to iOS. But then in September 25, 2015 came along and Apple really stepped up their game, they implemented features into the iPhone 6S Plus 32GB that should have been in the iPhone before it.

    Gone was the Apple A8 system architecture, it being replaced with the Apple A9. As a system on chip it featured a Dual Core ARM V8 Twister CPU clocked at 1.85GHz. This really allowed for the new iOS 9 to shine through with its beautifully optimised interface and wonderfully snappy response times. Then there was the all new GPU, a PowerVR GT7600 which had a massive number of processing cores, six to be exact. What this meant was that Apps that were visually intensive ran without a hitch and ran beautifully. Then for those multitasking folks, Apple doubled the RAM capacity from 1GB to 2GB. It made a big difference, allowing for the phone to run multiple programs at once without any performance issues.

    That’s not to forget what they didn’t update, with the new phone taking some features of the old one. But these were features that were already celebrated. One of these was the incredible screen, the iPhone 6 Plus was the first Apple iPhone to have a Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen. The 6S Plus 32GB was no different. The LCD IPS screen was LED-Backlit which resulted in eye-watering brightness and uncanny colour accuracy.

    Wow, if we haven’t convinced you that we at Zapper know our stuff about tech, then I don’t know what will. It’s passion like this that makes us the best choice when you’re thinking “Where do I sell my iPhone 6S Plus 32GB?”. A few reasons why we’re the best: You get an instant offer on your phone, free postage when you send and we don’t try any cheap tricks or have hidden charges.

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