Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB

Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB

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  • In full working order, turns on and off
  • All buttons working
  • Battery included and fully charged
  • Screen not scratched or damaged
  • Minor cosmetic wear
  • Not water damaged
  • Not reported lost or stolen
  • Not locked to a Network
  • Not locked to iCloud (Apple products only)
  • Please do not send any boxes, chargers, cases or other accessories - any received will be disposed of and cannot be returned or replaced
  • Phones, Tablets and Music players: Please do not send us chargers, cables, cases, accessories or original packaging, in fact these are discarded immediately upon receipt and cannot be returned. This is industry standard procedure for this category of device.

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    When Apple introduced the iPhone 3G under the direction of Steve Jobs, they hastily got a phone ready for the new network, 3G, and the release of the App Store without any real hardware upgrades. They simply took the old phone, the iPhone 2G, cased it in a shiny new body, stuffed in the new cellular receiver and then called it a new phone. Although in some

    The result was a phone that sold 6.1 Million units. This must have made Apple think. “What would happen if we released a phone with all new internals and a camera that was far superior to other phones of the time.

    Where the iPhone 3G sold well, the iPhone 3GS 8GB sold far better than anyone at Apple could have hoped. With sales of 28 Million handsets in its first year, it was the highest selling smartphone to date. In essence, Apple’s ideas had paid off.
    Featured on the handset was the same 3.5 inch, 163 pixels per inch display as the previous two iPhones. It was sharp enough for anything you might want to throw at it.

    However, the real brilliance in this phone, and what makes us want to pay you so much cash for it, is the internals. The central processing unit (CPU) is lightyears faster than the previous model, the ARM Cortex-A8 was clocked at 600MHz and the PowerVR SGX535 at 3.2 GFLOPS of computational power.

    The RAM was also doubled, from 128MB to 256MB of DRAM, allowing for greater multitasking for the recently released App Store applications.

    All of this has us pretty impressed, so we’re ready to give you some cash for it. How’s this for a deal, you sell your iPhone 3GS 8GB to us and we’ll give you cash as soon as we receive it? It’s a good deal isn’t it? Yeah we think so, but if you’re still not convinced we’ll give you free postage on anything you send and we don’t use any cheap tricks or have any hidden costs.

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