Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

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    After a 1 year sales phenomenon in 2007 that resulted in 6.1 Million iPhone 2Gs being sold, Apple, under the direction of Steve Jobs, decided to release a phone that would be in line with the release of the new 3G cellular data network standard. It was a big move forward in the development and mobility of smartphones.

    The new phone was to be called the iPhone 3G, a name being derived from the 3G network it was introducing. The new phone and network was very important for Apple as they had just announced the ability to develop third party applications for the iPhone using the Apple Software Development Kit (SDK), which could then be released onto the iPhone via the App Store. This decision was incredibly smart as it allowed the potential of the iPhone to reached and then expanded upon. Before long the iPhone 3G 16GB was a complete lifestyle device that could act as a personal assistant, personal trainer, business helper and entertainment manager.

    That combined with the network to make a perfect pair, as with the faster download and upload speed that 3G allowed for (6.1Mb/s average) it meant that App Store applications could be downloaded without having to be at home, or waiting an inordinate amount of time for them to download on the move.

    The best of all though was the hardware pairing with the operating system to create a snappy and lighting quick user-experience. Due to Apple making the decision to develop their own custom-built operating system that was designed specifically to sit on top of known hardware, which included a very speedy 412MHz processor and a PowerVR GPU. This meant that bloatware to allow for compatibility did not need to be included, rather the OS could be stripped down to its bare essentials. The result is that that processor could run through the GUI with complete ease, making the experience very stress free with almost zero loading or wait times.

    Then with 16GB of flash storage, the iPhone 3G 16GB could hold up to 4,000 songs, which works out to almost 1000 hours of music. That’s a pretty incredible achievement, but to be expected from the same company as the iPod.

    All of this incredible tech has us blown away at Zapper and has us reaching for our wallets so we can pay you for your iPhone 3G 16GB and because we’re so blown away we’ll give you free postage whenever you’re thinking ‘I want to sell my iPhone 3G 16GB’.
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