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I've forgotten my email address or password, what do I do?

Please contact support and we'll help you out. To reset your password, follow this link.

The status on my trade says "WAITING" - what does this mean?

This means that your package (s) have not yet been opened and inspected. This status will not change until the package is actually opened, at which point the status will change to RECEIVING. Your items may have been delivered, but the status will not change until they are actually being checked in.

What does status "CLOSED" mean?

This means that all your items have been safely checked in and your cheque is on the way.

What's your phone number?

Email us on and we will call you back if we cannot answer your query swiftly via email.

Where can I view the status of my order and order history?

Log into “My Account” where you will find a list of your current trades, and their status.