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Selling Lego

I don’t have scales - how do I weigh my LEGO?

If at all possible borrow a friend’s scales to weigh your LEGO, however a good guide is to fill a standard plastic shopping bag from one of the major Supermarkets. A full plastic bag of LEGO is roughly 3 Kg in weight.

What if the weight of my LEGO is not exactly in 0.5kg amounts?

Please round the weight of your trade to the nearest 0.5 Kg amount.

What if I have more than 10kg of LEGO to sell?

Fantastic! Please complete one trade for 10 Kg and then start a completely new trade. There is no additional costs doing a second trade and both trades will be associated with your Zapper account.

What exactly is ‘good’ condition?

Good condition LEGO is not worn, broken or dirty.

Do you only accept genuine LEGO?

Only genuine LEGO products and pieces are accepted. We will not accept any clone brands (Mega Blocks, Knex etc)

Can I include instruction manuals and boxes?

Please only include instruction manuals for the LEGO products you are selling and only include boxes if the set is complete.

How do I pack my LEGO?

We recommend you pack your LEGO into a sealable plastic bag or standard plastic shopping bag and tie at the handles.

Can I include complete unopened sets?

Yes. Please weigh as part of the trade and the offer price will include the full contents including the box.

Can I sell all genuine LEGO pieces including mini figures & gear?

Yes, we accept all genuine LEGO pieces irrespective of category, size or theme.

What happens if I include damaged pieces by mistake?

All the LEGO we receive is sorted by hand to remove damaged pieces, and other brands such as Megabloks. Once these have been removed your LEGO trade will be weighed again and if there is a variance we will email you with a revised offer.

Can I include books, DVDs, CDs, phones and gadgets with my LEGO pieces in the same box?

Yes. Please round the weight of your LEGO to the nearest 0.5 Kg amount and place in a bag, then put any other products in your trade along with your bag of LEGO into the same box.

Is the total value quoted what I will get paid?

The answer is yes if the Lego is received by Zapper within 28 days of the completion of the trade and the condition of the LEGO is as you stated when the price was offered. Once we receive your LEGO trade it will be weighed, sorted for damaged pieces and other brands, and then weighed again. If the weight is the same as the value quoted you will be paid that amount. If there is a variance we will email you with a revised offer.

Why would you revise the price you offered me?

We don't like doing it but if you have made a genuine mistake and failed to state the weight and/or condition of the LEGO sent then we have no option but to revise the offer. We will email you with a revised price and the appropriate reason(s). You will have 72 hours to make up your mind. You don't have to accept a revised offer.

How quickly will I get paid?

Parcels may take between 3-5 working days to reach our warehouse. They may then take a further three working days to be processed. Although most customers will receive their cheques within 14 days, please allow up to 21 days to receive your cheque from the day you dispatch your items to us.