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Selling gift cards

Is it safe to send my gift card / voucher to Zapper?

All vouchers and gift cards for sale undergo several verification procedures. When you take the parcel to your nearest Collect+ drop-off point, you will be given a receipt.

You can track your box(es) using the tracking number on the receipt given to you at the Collect+ drop-off point. Go to Collect+'s tracking page.

You can also contact us and we can assist you with making a claim.

I want to sell a gift card / voucher, how does it work?

  1. Go to our Sell Gift Cards tab
  2. Select your desired brand from our list
  3. Select your card denomination
  4. Add your card to your zapper list
  5. Complete your trade and drop off your box to a Collect + drop off location
  6. Once we receive your cards, we will validate them and let you know
  7. Then you get paid!

What gift cards / vouchers can I sell?

You can sell any unwanted gift card or voucher that is listed on our Sell Gift Cards page. Your card must contain the full value of the denomination you select, we do not buy used or partly used gift cards. If you send us a card that does not have the full value you selected, there will be a £5 admin and postage fee to return your gift card to you.

What are Zapper's selling terms?

We don't accept coupons or discount vouchers.

Before sending your gift cards or vouchers, please make sure to check the following:

  1. We are able to verify the balance, either online or by phone
  2. Your card / voucher has the full balance you have selected
  3. Your card / voucher is over £10 and under £500
  4. Your card / voucher has a validity of at least three months from the time of selling it to us

Does selling a voucher cost money?

For each sale we will offer you a % of the denomination value of the card you select. There are no postage, processing or administration costs when selling your unwanted gift cards to Zapper!

Do you accept and validate all cards?

  • All cards / vouchers must be listed in the trade. Any card / voucher sent with the trade which is not listed will not be accepted.
  • We only accept physical gift cards that have been sent to us using the free Collect+ postage labels provided on completion of your trade.
  • You must send the original card and it must be your card to sell.
  • It must be intact: We cannot accept cards that have been tampered with. Amazon and iTunes cards must have their redeem codes hidden under the original scratch-off panel. We no longer accept cards where the redeem code has been revealed.

How do I pack my gift cards / vouchers?

We recommend you pack your gift cards / vouchers into a sealable envelope and place it inside your box with the other items. We can only accept gift cards / vouchers if accompanied with at least 5 items, please add any unwanted books, cds, dvds or games, or at least 1kg of Lego. This is required to meet our freepost courier conditions.

Can I include books, DVDs, CDS,games and Lego with my gift cards in the same box?

Yes of course. Please put your gift cards into an envelope, seal it and put into the same box as your other items.

It is not possible to include mobiles or electronics in the same box as your gift card.

I've dropped off my gift card in my box at Collect+. When will I be paid?

Parcels may take between 3-5 working days to reach our warehouse. They may then take a further three working days to be processed. Although most customers will receive their payment within 14 days, please allow up to 21 days to receive your payment from the day you despatch your items to us.

Why are payments not immediate?

The reason it takes up to 21 days to receive your payment is purely for logistic, processing and security reasons. We validate the balance on every card we receive before processing payment.